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Materials Used

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Our top priority, while our clients are on board any of our vessels, is safety! We ensure that all passengers are fully briefed on our safety measures and have all safety equipment, including life jackets.

You are free to bring any materials you wish, but here is a list of materials used by the Hannibal Fishing team that are available while onboard our boats.


  • Avet TRX 50 wide

  • Shimano stella

  • Jigging master reel spinning

  • Overhead reels slowjig reel

  • Custom rods for trolling live bait, popper, kigging, and slow jig

Techniques Used

There are many different fishing methods to catch fish when offshore or inshore sportfishing. We pride ourselves in knowing when and how to use these methods on the various species encountered in the Panama waters.


Here are some of the fishing techniques used by our team at Hannibal Fishing:

  • All Trolling

  • Popping

  • Jigging

  • Slow Jig

  • Bottom Fishing

  • Live Bait

  • Fly

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Contact us if you have any questions regarding the fishing methods used and get ready to experience the action! 

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